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Brief presentation
Casa de OraçãoMissionários da Luz (COMLuz) is a non-governmental charitable organization that was founded in 1993 and is to assist children, pregnant women, drug addicts, elderly and families at social risk in São José dos Campos, state of São Paulo, Brazil.
Throughout all these years COMLuz rescued and bolstered thousands of people and this work received the titles of public utility established by municipal, state and federal governments.
The COMLuz also has records on the boards of social assistance, in the municipal council of the elderly and on the board of the rights of children and adolescents.

Why COMLuz is building a home for dozens of needy elderly?
There are more than 70,000 seniors living in São José dos Campos, State of São Paulo, Brazil. Much of this population has no health to live alone or with elderly companion.
There is a queue in the city today with dozens of needy, debilitated, mistreated and abandoned elderly awaiting a bed at asylum.

What is Nursing Home “Our Home” (Casa de RepousoNossoLar)?
The " Our Home" is a project that will provide housing for 110 needy elderly . Moreover, it will also provide housing for 12 elderly couples in a village to be built especially for them.
This philanthropic project , rather than housing, will provide cultural, recreational , work therapy , physiotherapy and health care activities  for these fragile elderly .
All activities will be free.

How is the project?
The project consists of:
- 6,000 square meters (about 64,580 square feet) to be built in stages
- rooms with bathroom, totaling 90 beds
- 20 beds for patients with chronic health problems (the building will have a central ward)
- restaurant and kitchen prepared to serve around 1,000 meals a day, every day
- laundry to wash all clothing and cloakroom area for employees
- area for recreation, culture activities and larbotheraphy
- health care center
- entrance hall for visitors and family

What was already built?

The first building dormitories with a capacity of 20 elderly dwell, is already fully constructed. See photos below.


We are currently constructing the building laundry and locker rooms.

And the next step is to complete the building of the kitchen and refectory.

How can I know more details of the project?
On Facebook:

By e-mail:

Or please send a letter to:
Casa de Oração Missionários da Luz
Rua Yamaguti, 50 – Jardim Oriente – São José dos Campos – São Paulo
CEP 12236-080
Brazil – South America


Could you help us?
Nursing home “Our Home” relies on donations and work of its volunteers. Be one of us!!

If you can help, please following instructions below to donate any amount for accelerate the building of Nursing home "Our Home":
In favour of ITAU UNIBANCO S/A
For furthercredit: Casa de Oração Missionários da Luz
Beneficiary Branch and Account: 1529 - 33595-0
Other details: Rua Yamaguti, 50, Jd. Oriente - São José dos Campos (SP), mail code 12236-081, phone +55 12 3931-7457 and e-mail CNPJ 96.488.101/0001-22.

God bless you!


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Rua Yamaguti, 50
Jardim Oriente
Sâo José dos Campos - SP
CEP 12236-080


Rua Martins Pereira, 183
Jardim Paulista
São José dos Campos - SP
CEP 12215-600

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